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Let’s work together to ensure you get approved for a mortgage loan. Credit scores under 620 can lead to mortgage denial, higher rates, and more fees.

With the help of certified homeownership advisors, you’ll get a proven plan to boost your credit score and positioned for approval.

Plus, a higher score equals more lender options and down payment programs to choose from. Connect with a HUD-approved agency near you.

Mortgage Info

Credit scores under 620 may not qualify for mortgage insurance, so a down payment of at least 20% may be required.


Max Affordable Home Price


Monthy Payment


Includes $0 in Private Mortgage Insurance, $0 in property taxes, and $0 in Homeowners Insurance.

Down Payment


Closing Costs


Estimated cash you will need at the time of closing, completely separate from your down payment.

Housing debt to income ratio


We recommend staying below 30% for your housing debt.

Total debt to income ratio


We recommend staying below 40% for your total monthly debt payments.

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